Launching of Totaltrack VLM in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Totaltrack VLM, manufactured by Medcomflow S.A. in Spain, is being launched in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during May 2017.

The Distributor in the region, First Medical Company Ltd., has the rights of distribution. Medcomflow and First Medical have been working together to get the Saudi FDA and the registration as a Medical Device in the country.

During May, the distributor is preparing several events with the most relevant doctors in Anesthesia and Airway Management of the country.

First Medical has invited Dr. Pedro Acha from Spain, who is the designer of this new device, to participate in these events showing the important advantages of Totaltrack VLM for Airway Management.

Foto Total Track

The main features of Totaltrack VLM are the capability to ventilate the patient during the intubation process and always under continuous visualization.

Medcomflow will be present again at the European Society of Anaesthesia meeting in Geneva next June.

Novedades en el Control de la Vía Aérea. Totaltrack vídeo máscara laríngea (VLM).

Review article by Dr. Guillermo Navarro, anesthesiologist at the Emergency Hospital “Dr. Clemente Alvarez”. Rosario City. Province of Santa Fe, Argentina. The article was published in the Official Organ of the Mexican Federation of Anesthesiology, “Anesthesia in Mexico” (Mexico Anesthesia 2016; Volume 28. Number 1: January to April (19-33))


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Dr. Pedro Acha & Totaltrack VLM at DAS Newsletter

In the Newsletter Spring 2016 of the DAS (Difficult Airway Society), there is an article from Dr Pedro Acha’s new combined videoscope, airway and intubating device called the Totaltrack VLM.

“There is no competitor for the Totaltrack VLM in the market. No other product can ventilate, intubate and extubate maintaining non-stop positive pressure oxygenation during all the procedure with continuous viewing of the glottis”


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