TotalTrack VLM (Video Laryngeal Mask)

Medcom Flow has a world patent for the first device allowing simultaneous ventilation and intubation under continuous visualization.

The TotalTrack VLM system consists of a pioneering video-laryngeal mask allowing patient intubation and ventilation under direct visualization through a camera.


The “3-in-1” system constitutes a great advance in anesthesia, since it affords important cost savings in medical equipment, and the technique is moreover practically noninvasive for the patient. The technique is less aggressive and less expensive, and also contributes to improve the response capacity in intubation and ventilation performed in situations of risk. The TotalTrack VLM is a revolutionary intubation system that is more versatile, light, flexible and economic than other previous intubation and ventilation systems.

Among the numerous improvements afforded by the patent, the video-laryngeal mask makes it possible to see what is happening inside the glottis of the patient and to visualize the vocal cords; check ventilation before muscle relaxation; and insert a tube through the vocal cords in the required moment, and remove it once the patient is seen to be ventilating correctly. At the same time, the system can aspirate laryngeal and gastric secretions.
• 1st device in the world that allows to ventilate and intubate and viceversa
• Continuous view during both manoeuvres with exclusive dedicated video system
• Continuous positive pressure oxygen supply during both manoeuvres
• Allows use with a standard high diameter ett, 7,5/8 size
• Allows safe extubation under secured ventilation and continuous view
• Only one person needed for its use
• Dedicated gastric aspiration
• 1st device to have a dedicated aspiration system of the internal mask secretions
• Antifog system
• The TT can be inserted from any position regarding the patient
• No need to hyperextension the patient’s neck

Sizes: TT3 & TT4



Patient without predictors of difficult ventilation or intubation.

Patient without predictors of difficult ventilation or intubation

Patient without predictors of difficult ventilation or intubation

Patient without predictors of difficult ventilation or intubation

Morbid Obese Patient

Intubation without muscle relaxing