Airway Management with Cervical Spine Immobilisation

Airway Management with Cervical Spine Immobilisation: A Comparison between the Macintosh Laryngoscope, Truview Evo2, and Totaltrack VLM Used by Novices—A Manikin Study


Research Article written by Dawid Aleksandrowicz (1) and Tomasz Gaszynski (2)

(1) London North West Healthcare NHS Trust, Anaesthetics Department, Northwick Park Hospital, London HA1 3UJ, UK

(2) Department of Emergency and Disaster Medicine, Medical University of Łodz, 92-209 Łodz, Poland


Strategy for Addressing the Airway in a Forced Lateral Decubitus

We share the article by Dr. Guillermo Navarro and Dr. Rubén Allori published at the Airway Gazette (Winter 2015), the official publication of the Society for Airway Management.

Dr. Guillermo Navarro is the Director of the Difficult Airway Chapter of La Confederación Latinoamericana de Sociedades de Anestesia (CLASA).

The Airway Gazette (Winter 2015)



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Posters presented at WAMM

During the Congress of the WAMM, held at the Convention Centre of Dublin, from 12 to 14 November 2015, of all posters submitted, seven of them were talking about the TotalTrack VLM.


A new Option in Airway Management Evaluation of the Totaltrack VLM.

Winner of the 2nd Prize in the Category of Equipment


Airway management with cervical spine immobilisation.


Initial Impressions of a new airway device the totaltrack VLM.


Totaltrack video intubating laryngeal mask in superobese patients.


Totaltrack VLM use in a predicted difficult airway.


Use of the totaltrack VLM for tracheal intubation a feasibility study.


VLM Totaltrack use in a large cystic lesion in left arytenoepiglottic fold a case report and review of literature.